Areas We Cover

Operating in the North-East

Our Head office is located in an ideal location to afford good road access to the northeast major arteries The A1 and the A19 this puts us in an excellent position for good response times to your causality vehicle.

Our Secondary depot at Peterlee sits just off the A19 and allows quick deployment to the busy commercial hubs of Durham Teesside and Darlington. Furthermore due to our latest software tracking system available vehicles are strategically parked around the area to be mobilised at a moments notice to get on scene with your vehicle in the quickest safest time possible.

The haulage industry never sleeps and our customers could find their trucks anywhere in the UK at anytime so in addition to this we have a nationwide network affiliation allowing us to get them the nearest accredited recovery operator to them, so our customers can expect the same first class level of service they get in the Northeast nationwide. The key locations we Cover are listed below:

  • Northumberland
  • Tyne valley and Hexham
  • Newcastle Upon Tyne
  • Durham
  • North Yorkshire
  • Teesside
  • Sunderland
  • Darlington
  • Consett


0191 2500009

Weetslade Industrial Estate, Dudley, Cramlington NE23 7PS


0191 2500009

28 Lister Road, North West Industrial Estate, Peterlee SR8 2RB

This highly specialised corner of the market requires the strongest and most reliable equipment available and we have them at our disposal 24/7 from our flagship vehicle the 50 ton NRC rotator to the lift and shift vehicles they are all driven by fully trained operators. We can handle the largest of road going vehicles including cranes. A major part of this market is PSV’s and we specialise in these delicate vehicles and recover over 2500 of them a year. Please call us 24/7 for this service.
Our highly specialised fleet ranges from a Landrover Defender to 8x6 Scammell they all thrive in this environment, The ability to winch disabled plant to recovering bogged down motorists in any location. Please call us 24/7 for this service.
Alpha Recovery Ltd specialise in the safe, damage free recovery of theses highly sensitive and delicate vehicles with often low slung engines and skirts. Our team of qualified operators can cater for your needs and get you safely on your way. Call us 24/7 for this service.
A sector of the industry we have invested heavily in over the last few years to keep up with modern cars and vans, super low approach beds (SLA’s) facilitate smooth damage free recovery. With a wide range of Slide beds from 7.5t to 26t accident units we have all situations covered. Please call us 24/7 for this service.
Available to assist with commercial breakdowns on all types of vehicles our trained mechanics are on hand to cater for your needs. Call us 24/7 for this service.
Alpha Recovery Ltd can provide contraflow roadworks cover nationwide for heavy and light recovery, short or extended durations. Crew cabs, generators, Impact protection vehicles and fully compliant modern recovery vehicles available to fulfill our customers requirements.
Our fully equipped Incident unit is prepared for all eventualities with a range of air cushions available from high pressure starter mats to Jumbo bags capable of uprighting fully loaded artics, and with the acquisition of catch bags makes for a safe and controlled operation ideal for loaded tankers. Please call us 24/7 for this service.
Our highly skilled team of operatives can mange the most difficult of recoveries when it comes to off road winching of disabled plant and machinery. The diverse fleet in which we operate allows us to adapt and overcome any obstacle to get your equipment out and transported to a workshop. Please call us 24/7 for this service.
We have two sliding axle low loaders capable of carrying a fully loaded 44t truck, these trailers are so diverse in design they can carry anything from disabled plant to some of the largest modern day coaches and service buses. Please call us 24/7 for this service.
Alpha Recovery Ltd is very fortunate to have a large loyal customer base which spans a vast market from Police contracts to local bus companies and from one man garage’s to national breakdown providers as well as local councils, commercial main dealers and car dealers, we can handle all their requirements.